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About Us

Siber Ink was founded in 2000 as an innovative niche law and business publishing firm. 
Simon Sephton, who founded the business, is an experienced law publisher with 35 years of involvement in the field in South Africa.  Siber Ink's focus is on quality and accessibility in the materials published, irrespective of the medium or the market.

Siber Ink is committed to publishing books and materials that make a difference:
  • Our books are clear and lucid, and, as far as the content allows, written in accessible language without compromising on authority.
  • We are committed to publishing books that make a difference - that are socially, economically and environmentally beneficial and empowering.
  • We are committed to publishing books that are durable, well made, well written, well edited  and well designed.
  • We are committed to our authors, without whom we'd be unable to publish. We recognise their expertise and their value.
  • We are committed to playing our role in society as a whole as socially responsible corporate citizens.
  • We are committed to promoting the rule of law in South Africa and to the positive transformation of our society.