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Notes From The Publisher

Welcome to our new website!  We hope that you find it easy to navigate and would welcome any feeback - email me on

Our latest publication is Owen Salmon SC's Intellectual Property Made Simple - a brilliantly accessible book on a subject that affects more and more people in the internet age. Whether you are a creative in the arts, writing, advertising or a software developer, an engineer, a corporate adviser; whether you are an academic or in commerce; whether the fruits of your labours are used by you or others, this work applies to you and it is vital to have basic knowledge of this subject.

We also recently released a fourth edition of the popular labour law textbook, Labour Law Rules!, by Marie McGregor et al.

We have also been pleased to cooperate with the Konrad Adendauer Stiftung to publish Paul Hoffman SC's work Countering the Corrupt.  It was a great privliege to help with this work on such an important topic, though unfortunately the work is not currently available for commercial distribution. We hope to make a free copy of it available to readers online soon.

We trust that you remain in good health and have found sustainable ways of continuing to work at this difficult time in our global health.

Simon Sephton