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Social Responsibility

The FunDza Literacy Trust

The FunDza Literacy Trust’s major aim is to boost the literacy levels of teens and young adults in South Africa. In this, FunDza’s approach is innovative: it focuses on popularising reading rather than formal literacy education, aiming to provide:

  • The right content - content that is accessible and fun for the target market
  • Removing barriers to books
  • Leveraging the reach of mobile technology
  • Spurring viral growth
  • Encouraging readers to become writers.

Their phenomenally successful Harmony High series has been literally gobbled up by teens across South Africa.  And their mobi site provides a quick read for teenagers on their phones, free and regularly.

Siber Ink is passionate about the importance of literacy:  its growth, its spread, its potential impact.  A literate population is one that has the capacity to think, to dream, to imagine, to create, to build, to lead, and to inspire others.  So it is our privilege to contribute to the great work that FunDza do by buying books to give to rural Eastern Cape school libraries as our small contribution to the development of literacy in South Africa.

Thusananga Home-based care and Khaya Lokukhanya HIV/Aids Orphanage

Situated in the small farming town of Barkly East in the north-eastern Cape, just south of Lesotho, Khaya Lokukhanya (House of Light), or KL as it affectionately called, is a real home for 17 children, most of them orphaned by HIV. There they are cared for by 3 foster mothers and the project as a whole is run by Tersia Gerber, a senior social worker and her auxiliary, Mongesi Motleleng.

KL can take up to 18 children but our aim is to keep vulnerable children in the care of their own families within their communities. Only when it is impossible to foster a child within their own family, does the social worker place them at Khaya Lokukhanya.

Feeding, washing and educating 17 children doesn't come cheap! The foster mothers and social workers receive a small incentive or stipend each month, as do the Thusananga HBCA volunteers.

Khaya Lokukhanya  is registered to the Department of Social Development (058-607-NPO).

For more information on Khaya Lokukhanya and its parent organisation, Thusananga Home Based Care, click here.

You too can sponsor a child - click here!

False Bay Rugby Development Academy

The False Bay Junior Rugby Academy was founded at the False Bay Rugby Club in Constantia, Cape Town, in 2005 to address development and transformation of rugby at club and junior levels, instilling a love of the game and the requisite skills to play it well in boys from all communities in the southern peninsula.  Siber Ink is proud to support this development.